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Recruitment by Apollo Solar Power Bhavnagar

  • Field Marketing Executive – 2
  • Wireman / Electrician – 3
  • Electrical Engineer – 2
  • Accountant – 1
  • Back office work – 2

Andh Udyog Shala Bhavnagar Recruitment


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For readymade garment showroom

  • Salesmen – 2
  • Helper – 2

saying that it will forever keep on going up, but even now, it is a deeply discounted asset. From that particular perspective, is it a buying or selling recommendation? No, it’s no recommendation at all. Please act as per your understanding. I’m just telling you honestly, whatever I am doing in the market, if you like it, please press the like button. So now let me systematically explain you the framework in a minute. And then I will explain three multi bagger assets that I feel will become really big going forward.

So the framework is fairly simple. If you look at the JP Power story. Number, one thing is that the assets should be undervalued, right? It should be deeply discounted or it could be a newer asset. For example, if some company that has gotten recently listed or just a few years ago, it has gotten listed, so it should be new or undervalued. This is the first key trade that I look for. Second is that there will be a certain level of risk associated with that asset. And from that particular perspective, these article are not a stock buying selling recommendation. I’m just honestly telling you, whatever I’m doing and there will be a bunch of assets where my bets can go wrong like any other investors bet.

But I only need to be correct almost 30-40% of the time to make insane amount of money in the stock market. Okay, third thing, your investment thesis. Whatever investment thesis you believe it needs to play out. For example, in JP Power’s case, the investment thesis that I had was repaying its debt on the right track, and this will benefit the firm. And that is precisely what ended up happening. And that is the reason why so many investors got attracted to JP Power. Now with this lens, let us start analyzing three key investment opportunities. The first key opportunity that I will speak about is called as NMDC. So I’ll give a very quick overview of the company and I’ll walk you through that framework.

So NMDC is engaged in the exploration and production of Iron Ore, along with diamond production of sale of sponge generation and sale of wind power, etc. So basically what it does is that majority of NMDC’s revenue comes from selling iron ore. Now iron ore is widely applicable in industries. Any type of industry. Iron ore is one of the key ingredients to support any industry. So if our nation is undertaking industrial growth or if the industrial demand increases, then something like NMDC is likely to benefit from it. Now, let me quickly cover some of the major points about NMDC. So NMDC is the largest are an ore manufacturer in India, accounting for 18% of the total domestic production. So it’s a monopoly in that. That sense another key point about NMDC that it is undertaking capacity expansion and it has been allocated to pole blocks also to extract iron ore. So good things are happening in this company,

especially because of the fact that it is simply going to extract more iron ore. That’s 1 second key investment that I have in mind is that, hey, the industrial demand is picking up. That is going to happen as Bull run accelerates. So now let us walk through our framework. Is this company really big in size? The answer is no, given what the company is doing, because you also need to keep in mind what the business of the company is. This company is not too big to begin with from a PSU’s perspective. So that’s 1, second key point is there a value buying opportunity in this stock. So the answer to me seems like a yes, because if you check it from the top, the stock is available at roughly 35% discount. So from its peak it has fallen by 35%. Also, let us try to understand whether this fall is justified or not. So you tell me right. For example, start looking at the data from 2016 onwards, the sales have gone up.

No problem, profits have gone up. No problem company taking expansion and will be expanding further. No problem. Will the profit margins reduce? No, because it’s a commodity driven product. For example, when you are selling iron ore or when you’re selling steel, you’re not selling like any product product per se. You don’t need to market it. You are just literally selling raw material. Right. So the profit margins are minimal, so to say. But those profit margins will stay consistent. And finally, if you check the demand for industrial products in India, which can be verified by using the IIP data. Now my colleague has started an economics related website, so she will on her website will talk about what exactly is IIP in the coming few days so you can consider subscribing to her website. She worked in Ministry of Finance, so she will be taking some of the economics concepts. So you will understand more about IIP through her. But to cut the long story short here, you can clearly see that even now the demand

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