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Best Interview Closing Statement Examples to Win the Job | Part 4

with the kinds of things you’re doing here and and i’d like to be a part of that and i think i can make a valuable contribution can i have the job it’s as simple as that that’s all you got to do my friend and that’s all i got for you today now to help you to help you go that little bit further on your next interview because they’re going to ask you a whole bunch of different questions and

i want you to have good answers for their questions and that’s that’s how you get in rapport with your interviewer is by giving them good answers that reveal a lot about you and i want to give you my brand new book i just finished this book it is got the top 10 interview questions and answers in it and it’s going to tell you how to answer tell me about yourself it’s going to walk you through the process there’s a process to answer and tell me about yourself

it’s this little three-step process and i cover that in here um another question i cover in here is you know why do you want to work here and your weakness questions and this also has about 12 questions that you can ask your interviewer now you don’t want to ask you any of your just any question just because i have it in this book you know you don’t want to ask that question you only

want you only want to ask them questions that will help you decide if you want to work for them or not those are the kinds of questions you ask your interviewer and then this little book i guide you right through that and this is free is my gift to you just for reading article today and if you head on over to job interview tools dot com slash top10 put your name email address in there tell me where to send this book i will get you the pdf version out instantly just like that and it will start preparing you for your next interview so that you can build that relationship build that rapport with your interviewer

so that when you get to the end end of the interview and if you feel it’s right if you feel that this job is right for you and you really believe that they could benefit from having you there then ask for the job and and if you don’t feel comfortable saying you know can i have the job you know then don’t say it don’t do anything in a job interview that makes you feel uncomfortable just because

i tell you here you know these are the things you should do only do them if they feel right for you only do them if they make sense for you if you’re terrified of going into a job interview and saying can i have the job and you kind of just show up and you’re like can i have the job don said i should ask you know you’re not going to go anywhere that’s that that’s total that’s a total failure you want to be comfortable asking for the job and you should be just like you know if you were on a date you should feel

comfortable reaching out for the other person’s hand to hold it well maybe you’re a little nervous for that but um you know you build up that comfort level you reach out and you hold their hand and you have conversations you build rapport all throughout the evening and then you go in for the kiss and you’ve been on dates before where maybe you didn’t feel like you know going in for the kiss and and you didn’t and maybe maybe you regretted it maybe you didn’t but on a job interview if you go out there and you have a really good interview and you don’t ask for the job

i can almost guarantee you that you’re going to regret it you’re going to go home and you’ll be like dang i wish i’d just asked for the job don said i should have asked for it i should have just asked for it but i was just too nervous you know try again next time but build up to it don’t just go in and ask for it ease into it and be comfortable asking it um you don’t want to ask it in a nervous way and you don’t want to just say can i have the job build the rapport ease into it work it into your closing statement where you summarize the interview you summarize the position you summarize the things that you’ve done and then you go in and you calmly and confidently ask for the job

all right my friend that is all i have for you today i wish you the very best on your next interview and if you like this article please give it a thumbs up and if you want to get notified every time i release a new article please subscribe our newsletter and i’ll see you in the next article take care bye now

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