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Bhavnagar Job

Triveni Iron Steel Industries needs Bhavnagar

  • Post : store in-charge

Required MFG company

  • admin -2 MALE (basic computer, billing and office work
  • Food Industry production to male 3 year experience needed

Now I’ll wait. I’ll monitor the performance, track the fundamentals. Then subsequently, over the next few weeks or the next few months, I will keep on buying more and more slots in this particular stock.

So I’m not going to do bulk investing in the stock. Absolutely not. Just little, little positions. And if it goes up, great, it proves that my theory is right. I will buy more than if it goes down,

then I will monitor the performance again and I will recalibrate. So this is a sensible way of buying a deep value stock. This is what I am doing. Please do your due diligence. And again, this is not an investment. Investment advice.

And also check the links in the description box for Kuku FM. Learn Technical Indicators Technical parameters. I will teach more about that in the subsequent sessions and like this article that will help out a lot. Thank you so much. And I will see you tomorrow.



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