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10 Phrases You Should Avoid at Your work | Career

Sometimes we say certain things at the workplace and sometimes our intention is not understood by the person in front of us and we are left confused that what did we say that they perceived my words wrongly Words are important, in fact very important. Which thing to say when, where and how if you understood then your life will be very sorted. Misunderstandings would cease to exist in any relationship.

In this article I would share 10 phrases that you should avoid at your workplace, so let’s begin. In the professional world, your communication skills can make or break your career. What words you use with your clients, customers, managers, colleagues.

Infact what words you choose in your emails.We need to understand that and also respond in such a way that the person who is listening to us or even reading our email is able to understand our intent. It depends on our profile and it may be possible that we need to persuade someone or delegate something. The choice of words becomes very important to get things done. We in our day to day communication say sorry and thank you a lot.

However in the professional world it may not work as they might negatively impact your career. So the first word or phrase that you should avoid at the workplace is :

1) Avoid saying, “I think.” Why? It might show that you are not an expert and you don’t believe in yourself. Instead, say: “In my experience” or “In my knowledge.” Using these words will help in authenticating your knowledge.

2) Avoid saying, “Sorry to bother you.” Why? When you use such words, you allow your co-workers or boss to have control over your actions. They might deny listening to you! Instead, say: “Excuse me, do you have a few minutes to discuss a matter?” “Whenever you have a few moments, I would like to discuss something with you.”

3) Avoid saying, “Is that okay?” Why? Framing confirmation like a question might make you look insecure and under confident. Instead, say: “Let me know if you have some questions about this.”

4) Avoid saying, “That’s not my job.” Why? Even though you might be partly correct about this, saying such a statement shows that you are not a team player and unreliable. Instead, say: “This doesn’t fall under my job description. But, if I have to do this work, can you help me prioritize my tasks?”

5) Avoid saying, “It’s not my fault.” Why? This statement might project you as a proud and under-confident person. Instead, say: “How can I help you fix this problem?”

6) Avoid saying, “I don’t have time for that.” Why? Telling a co-worker or your boss that you do not have time for them can seem rude. It might show that you have poor time management skills. Instead, say: “I would be happy to discuss this with you after completing my task. Can we discuss this matter around 3 pm?”

7) Avoid saying, “I will try.” Why? The word ‘try’ can show that you most probably would not do it. After all, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.’- Jedi Master, Yoda. Instead, say: “I will do it.” And, if you can’t do something because of any specific reason, clearly say “No.” It is better to be clear rather than leave people hanging by telling them you’ll try.

8) Avoid saying, “Sorry.” Why? Using “sorry” in daily conversations can project that you don’t value yourself or your own time. For instance, don’t say: “Sorry for interrupting” Say: “Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.”

9) Avoid saying, “You’re wrong.” Why? Saying this to your co-workers might sound rude. It shows you do not want to take responsibility for your actions. Instead, say: “I disagree and here’s why … what do you think?” This way, you are straightforward but also open for discussions.

10) Avoid saying, “Am I making sense?” Why? You may ask this to check in on your effectiveness, it could backfire and make you feel and sound like an imposter.

Instead, say: “I look forward to hearing your thoughts.” Have you used any of these inappropriate words or phrases in your office? If yes then do ket me know in the comment section below. And stop using these words from now onwards.. Till then Stay Awesome and Stay Productive.

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