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4 things to avoid doing in 2022 | Part-1

I know it’s always difficult to be productive always but there are a few things that I have stopped doing in my life and I am able to stay productive and do so much for all of you. So, in this article I would share 10 things which if you are doing you should stop. So, let’s begin: 1st thing that you should stop doing right away: I have seen many people who want to achieve a lot in their life but they can’t do it. Why?

D.I.Y. Yes, do it yourself

They all suffer from the problem of D.I.Y. Yes, do it yourself. They do everything themselves. They think that no one can do the task better than them, or that they don’t trust people. I was making the same mistake 3 years back. I wanted to edit the video myself, designing thumbnails on my own. I wanted to place the cameras and lights also myself, in fact I wanted to create my own website..:)

Don’t make the same mistake. You will regret a lot!. If you want to grow fast then delegate the task because it is difficult for only one person or two to accomplish great things.. Growth requires new ideas. Growth requires other people Growth requires Teamwork So if you want to start a business or make yourself a brand, then get smart people in your team. Delegate the work and just lead. Don’t hold yourself back from all the awesomeness you can create in your lifetime.

waiting for perfection

2nd thing that you should stop doing right now is waiting for perfection- Yesterday night I was talking to one of my college friends who is a singer and a shayar as well. He is talented and has the right skillset. I wanted him to start his own YouTube channel and sing songs. I know he has the potential and that he can do this work wonderfully, he was interpreting everything and then said:

Divas, I want a perfect studio, the way you have your background let me arrange something like that, or else video won’t be good. I told him that buddy at least start it, everything will come together He said but divas, I don’t think I am a good shayar. ​Then I assured him that buddy, you write so well. I reminded him of many facebook posts which had been hugely appreciated by the audience. He again said, but divas, I don’t have a tripod, camera will keep swinging , I will go to market this weekend and buy one ​did you observe what just happened? He was just waiting for perfection.. And you know what That this happens with a lot of people.

I have wasted precious years of my life waiting for perfection and I don’t want you guys to do that.. If I tell you then you will be shocked that in 2016 I was supposed to prepare a pitch for my company and the events in which I was supposed to present my pitch. I didn’t go there because I haven’t had a perfect pitch. Understand this thing that pursuit of perfection limits our abilities. Perfection is subjective A perfect piece as per you, might not be perfect for someone else. Perfection is unachievable. It is Unimaginable. And frankly it is also undesirable. You know what, I am still a perfectionist to this date but I prefer to choose progress over perfection.. People who have been following me for a long time might know that my background wasn’t like this before.

My video editing was also ain’t good. My thumbnails weren’t good. In fact my speaking style was also ain’t that good. But I made progress and I am still learning every single day.. Keep improving yourself bit by bit. That can be your mantra for 2022.

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