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Time Management

All of you must have read about time management somewhere or the other and majority of the time it talks about prioritising your work into urgent important, urgent not imp, not urgent imp, not urgent, not imp See, it’s good to prioritise the tasks and start your day with a to do list.. A You might do it also, when you go to the office you must have in mind that you will do this work first. Because it is important and urgent, but as soon as you check the emails all your planning goes to vain thinking that everything is important and urgent. If you are still doing the same in 2021 then this won’t work.

This is a great and old theory and it doesn’t work in today’s world. For example: I have to record also, organising rooms in the clubhouse, putting up social media posts, taking webinars and everything is urgent and important. In this new world everything is urgent and important. Now what is the solution for this? Solution 1:

We need to work on our energy management skills..rather than time management skills. . See, we can’t borrow time from anyone, buy from anyone hence time is precious. And we cannot waste it at all. We can only manage it effectively. Everyone has the same time of 24 hours and it isn’t like Narendra Modi, Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerburg has more time, then how is it that they do so much in one day. The secret lies in their energy levels.. They know how to manage their energies in a better way. You must have heard it many times that you get up in the morning and do the important tasks then? But how many of your mind’s don’t work in the morning?

We all are not the same, we are all energetic at different times, some of us are energetic early morning while some in mind morning and others are night owls like me Pause the video and comment Morning Person- Or Night Person… depending on the time you are most active. Do let me know in the comment section below. So we should work on the right task at the right time of the day. I am most efficient and creative at 8 pm. For example, I record videos at 8:30 pm. In the morning I focus on things which take less brain power, like responding to emails or some conference calls. For this 2 terms are used:Uptime and Downtime Simple, find out when is your uptime. When are your energy levels high? When do you feel more distracted?

I also did the same. What I did was I observed myself for a week.This is a vital step if you are suffering from time management. If you are finding it difficult to find your uptime then then for a week or so, keep a log, and in that write how you feel at different times of the day and how you perform and you will get the answer.


4th thing that you should stop doing immediately is FOPO a.k.a. Fear of Other People’s Opinion or fear of being judged. If you want to perform your best then you will have to understand that opinions of others stop you from doing things. We simply stop ourselves from doing so many things just because of what people will say. Remind yourself of the time when you were extremely anxious. Maybe when you wanted to raise your hand in a meeting or a classroom, or entering a big auditorium when everyone’s attention was on you, or maybe speaking in front of the public..

The reason you feel scared is because you were scared of being socially disapproved. If someone tells me that I am fat, then I won’t feel bad. Because I am not fat. If someone calls me shorty then I won’t feel bad because I am 6”3’ But if someone tells me something on my speaking skills then I may feel bad because I used to stammer and I get conscious regarding the same sometimes, but then if I remember the impact that I have created on all my tribe members and how I have won toastmasters competition then I don’t feel bad about it. Also, 3 years back when I realised that due to

FOPO I have been in vain, so I asked myself these questions: The people about whose opinion I am thinking will they pay my electricity bill? Will they treat me at my favourite restaurant? Will they buy me an expensive item that I want Have they ever told me – “Don’t worry, I will pay the EMI of your home loan, you chill out!”? Have they ever offered me to clean my house when I was ill? And all of these answers in No. So then why to think about anyone, do what you want to do. And believe me this has helped me so much that I am able to do so many things which I couldn’t have done some years back.

These were my 4 pieces of advice that you should stop doing right away! If you want to grow then stop doing it immediately or you will regret and then don’t say that JIB you didn’t tell us 🙂 Till then stay awesome stay productive and if you haven’t subscribed to my websaitr then do it right away

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