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Grow in your Career! | 3 Important tips Part-1

The first way I utilized my opportunity was that when I got admitted to INSEAD, so I got my admission offer sometime in January of 2014 and I was due to start my course in September of 2014 because you get this little lead time. So I utilize that time before business school very, very effectively. Hello, everyone, welcome to today’s article. So today’s article is very, very special to me because I’m starting a series called as Sunday Positivity series. Now, hopefully, if you like the series, please do like it and comment that will indicate to me that you would appreciate this type of content and I would continue to shoot.

The objective of this series is very, very simple, that I will try to article around how people have grown in their careers and what are some of the good things and bad things that they have done. And hopefully from the lessons that you will learn from these stories, you will be able to implement those in your own life. So I thought that I would kick off this series by sharing my own story of having worked at BCG, having worked at Dalberg, having gone to a good undergraduate and graduate programs and primarily share 3 mini stories with you. So please stay till the end of this article . There are important specific lessons that you can take away from these stories, which I will talk about, and hopefully you can implement that in your career.

Brands and Money

So let me get started with my first story. For the first key story that I wanted to tell is that is that I cared more for the Brands at the start of my career rather than the money. Now, this is a critical mistake that I see several youngsters and college students make that they go after the highest package. In my story, when I graduated out of college, I started working with Ministry of Rural Development. The package was really, really bad. I used to make like 12 and a half thousand rupees a month and I was losing money doing that job. I did that for two years. For two years, I did not make any money. Now, you might ask, why were you doing this job? You were not getting paid much. So what was your thought process? That the thought process was very, very simple, that I was taking a long term objective in my career. So Number One, I was very clear that I wanted to go outside India and do my MBA, so I was building my profile for it. So working with Ministry of Rural Development would have helped me develop my profile. So that was the first reason why I picked up this job. And the second reason why I picked up that job was because I felt that there are additional things that I could do. For example, I started teaching for the GMAT when I was in college. I got a good GMAT score, I had a 770 on the GMAT and I started tutoring people for GMAT. So whatever little money that I made from that tutoring service, I ploughed it back, just to sustain my living expenses in a city like Delhi, where I was working. I also cut down massively on my expenses. So I used to rent out very shabby looking place when I lived in Delhi in Pandavanagar. I used to spend only 20 rupees eating per meal. I used to eat chola kulacha You might relate with this story, people who are living in Delhi that we have chola kulchas. So I used to eat that. That used to be super inexpensive food for me. So I sustained that way for two years just at the thought process that I need to get brands on my CV first, grow my profile upto a bit and then I will see how my career develops. So this is the first key lesson that I would leave you with that if you are in the early phase of your career, you do not worry too much about money. Money will get sorted as you move along in your career. Important point is that get brand value on your CV.


Now my second story is about utilizing the opportunities that you get and I’ll explain, how did I utilize the opportunities? So the first thing that I utilised my opportunity was that when I got admitted to INSEAD, so I got my admission sometime in January of 2014 and I was due to start my course in September of 2014 because you get this little lead time. So I utilized that time before business school very, very effectively.q What I did was that number one I networked with a lot of people from INSEAD number two, I started case solving because that was one of the key things that I was interested in. I enjoyed case solving.

I wanted to grow my career in management consulting. So I started case solving. I started involving my business school future classmates. So even before going to business school, I started case solving activities, connecting with management consultants more and more, discovering different offices. And along the way, I used to pass on a lot of useful information to my classmates. I never inculcated the perspective that, hey, you know what? If I shared things with my classmates, they will learn more from me. And then there would be like a lot of fight for jobs, nothing like this. I added a lot of value to them. Now, how did this benefit me?

Actually, the way it benefited me was very simple. At any leading business schools, there are these different clubs. For example, that is a consulting club. That is a finance club marketing club luxury goods club. So I became the vice president of INSEAD Consulting Club. And the reason why I was appointed to that post was because I added a lot of value to my classmates even before coming to the business school.

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