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job fair in Bhavnagar
Mega job fair in Bhavnagar

Grow in your Career! | 3 Important tips Part-2

Now that forum, being the vice president of consulting at INSEAD, it was massive because INSEAD is a consulting driven school. It allowed me to network with a lot of companies like BCG, Bain, Mckinsey, Dalberg, so on and so forth. And it really propelled my career from that point on and I did not have to fight massively for jobs when I was at INSEAD. So in summary, basically, whichever forum you’re joining, whether you’re joining a good college or bad college or a good job or a bad job, it doesn’t matter. You need to best utilize the opportunities that you have available to you, because if you successfully utilize the opportunities, even at tier-2 colleges tier-2 firms, I’m sure that you will find a lot of success in your career. Again, I’m taking a little pause in this video and I’m asking you and requesting you to please like this video, smash the like button for the simple reason that it indicates to me that you value this type of content. And I would continue to show these type of videos only if there is enough traction for this video.

Otherwise, I’ll assume that these type of videos are not working and you guys do not want to see such videos. Now, let’s move on to story 3. Now, my third story is very simple, but a very important critical lesson, and the lesson is that you need to be nice to people. I can’t stress on this fact enough that whenever you are going in the job market, you need to be nice to people. You need to be genuinely nice. Not fake nice. There is a difference between the two. Fake nice means that I need to get something out of this person. Let me just try to be nice to that person and then it’s done and dusted. It’s a transactional relationship. Please don’t be that kind of bad. Nice. Try to be good. Nice. And I’ll explain from my story. So essentially when I was at INSEAD, I got to network with a lot of people. For example, you might know that I have invested in a company called Cases Over Coffee and it runs a Cases Over Coffee Global Fellowship Program, which is literally one of its kind International Learning Development

Opportunity Program. I would be very, very interested for people who are watching this video to figure out another company that does a similar kind of project. They don’t. It’s very difficult to get international people interested in Indian companies and get them actively engaged. So the reason why I’m talking about this specific venture is that in terms of running Cases Over Coffee Global Fellowship, I had to build genuinely good relationships with people in the past. It’s not as if that I did it with the intent of starting the COC Global Fellowship. If you take a look at our mentor list, you will figure out that there are people who are working with us. who are from, who are Ex-Bain Singapore Office Ex-Bain Australia Office, Mckinsey Portugal office, there is actually a business school professor who is formally working with us. So getting and building this type of network requires you to be genuinely invested in people. So honestly, I would like to believe that I was always nice to people. Right. And therefore they eventually started helping me out when I was looking to build this company and grow this company.

So being nice has done wonders for me from that perspective. And how can you implement this in your own life and in your own career? It’s very, very simple. All of us have classmates. Now, you can be nice to your classmates. For example, if you know concept a complicated concept, teach them. Organise specific group classes. If you know how to invest in stocks, teach them. If you find something useful like this video on the Internet, share it with your friends. So all of these are basic, basic but very important steps. It shows that you’re genuinely invested in the growth of your peer or your friend, and they are going to have a very fruitful relationship with you going forward as well. It’s not a transactional relationship. It is just about you being nice and being a nice human being and sharing what you know.

Don’t think about it from a competition perspective, because once you collaborate with people, you will grow more in your career, rather imagining that you are alone in some kind of a battle. Making that mindset shift in your career is going to be critical and super important for you. So let me quickly summarize the three stories. Number one, we spoke about the fact that you should care more about the brands at the start of your career over the money. The second story was about that you should make the best use of the opportunities that you are provided with. Don’t think about that I have landed at a bad college or have landed a bad job, nothing like it.

There are ample opportunities even at tier 2 colleges and tier 2 jobs. Just try to grow and make the best use of opportunities that you have. Third and finally, be nice to people because if you are genuinely nice to people, not fake nice, if you are genuinely nice to people. People will listen to you, people will help you, and you along with them will grow massively in your career. So with these steps, I’ll close out the first video. Let me know in the comments section and give it a thumbs up would mean a lot. And I will see you on the next video.

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