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Hi, everyone. Welcome to today’s article. I hope all of you are doing well on this article. I’m going to help you understand the potential of Metaverse. Now, please don’t drop off. Please don’t drop off. I know many of you might not like this video gaming stuff and virtual reality stuff and artificial intelligence type of stuff, but I urge you to listen to this video because there is a very important lesson here.

What is Metaverse?

Every decade gets an investment opportunity that makes them really rich in our parents’time. That was investing in real estate. In my opinion, in our generation, Metaverse could be one such opportunity. Therefore, we spend 10 minutes listening to this article. You will understand a lot of things in a very intuitive manner. That’s 1 second key point. I have made an equity investment in an Indian Metaverse company. I’m going to explain you, why have I done it? And I will see your feedback in the comments section. Whether you think that that Metaverse can go big or not. And final key point that I’m going to talk about on today’s article is that if you are interested in investing in Metaverse, how you can do it. So let’s start the discussion and let me first and foremost, tell you what Metaverse actually is. I had made a separate video on Meta that is Facebook so you can watch it there to understand more about a more palpable Meta version to say. But let me summarize the entire story here. So people get confused quite a bit. When they start talking about Metaverse, they assume that it’s some kind of a video game and people are selling land or Facebook is doing something with Oculus.

So let me help you understand that point in a slightly more intuitive manner. First. So Metaverse is nothing but a new planet. That is how I will define it. That right now we are living on Earth. Now you have created a new planet in virtual reality. And that is what a Metaverse So you can see Mark Zuckerberg wearing an Oculus and looking at something. So he’s looking at this new planet. And there on that Metaverse, that is a new planet. He can do a bunch of different things. For example, he can walk around in his avatar, he can interact with other people. For example, if I’m there, he can say Hi to me and I can say Hi to him. We can go to work from our communities. We can play games together and a bunch of different things. Right. So in simple terms, it’s a new planet and it has a bunch of functionalities associated with it. For example, right now, when you go and play a video game, there is a bunch of functionalities associated with it. For example, in the old times, people used to play Mario Aladdin. Then they started playing something like God of wars. I’m a big fan of God of wars.

All the God of wars. And he hit the like button will make me super happy. So you play all these different games. What are you essentially doing? You have been transported to a new planet and you are getting entertained. The value that you are deriving from that new planet. That game that you are playing is that you are deriving entertainment value out of it. Very important point. So right now on video games, you are deriving this entertainment value. Now imagine a planet where you can derive a lot more than this. You can go party with your friends, you can go launch your own cryptocurrencies or a new world version of Currencies. You can go and start new businesses on that planet.

So the entire value that can be derived out of a meta worse makes meta worse one of the foremost innovations in my opinion for our generation. And therefore, I feel that you should learn more about it, figure out what investment options are there, and accordingly, take bets now just to very quickly round up the conversations. Right now, there are two types of Metaverses right. The first type is the meta or the Facebook type, which is palpable. Right. Because all our parents understand who Mans Zuckerberg is. He owns Instagram.

He owns WhatsApp he owns Facebook and no meta. So that’s, like more palpable version of Metaverse. He’s also trying to create a new planet, and another new planet is being created in the crypto or blockchain world. Right. So these are two variants of Metaverse that exist right now, and you can invest in both these Metaverse . For example, if you want to invest in Facebook or Meta, you can go and buy a US stock, which is meta. You can go and buy Facebook stock. So you as a retail investor, become an investor in Meta. Your second option is that you can go buy NFPs non fungible tokens, and you can also buy certain cryptocurrencies.

For example, you can buy something like Mana, which is the cryptocurrency for the center line. There are Metaverses like Decentraland, Axie Infinity, sandbox. These are all competitors to physical or more palpable Metaverse That is meta. Now, you might have a very important question for me here that you spoke about two different types of Metaverse. One is Facebook meta Zuckerberg, that’s 1 second you spoke about crypto Metaverse. So which one is better and as retail investors what we should do. So, in all honesty, I’m invested in both because we don’t know which of these Metaverses will win. So I’m investing in both the places I know for a fact that Metaverse going to win. So therefore, I’m picking up really good projects in this meta type of companies, and also in this crypto world. Crypto Metaverses . But here’s an important story that you need to understand that Facebook very recently tried to launch a crypto coin called as Libra.

Right. And the project did not go really well. Why did it not go really well? I’ll help you understand the reason, but first, let us understand why did Facebook decide to launch Libra or they have not disclosed the entire plans. But the back end story to this is that Facebook actually wants to make a meta worse.

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