Today Job In Bhavnagar | How to Choose a Career Path and a Job | Part-2

How to Choose a Career Path and a Job

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what i should be doing maybe that’s what i should go do and i think that’s wrong i just totally think all that’s wrong i think your decision needs to come from inside and i’m gonna walk you through how to get there and when i’m when i’m faced with this decision even though

i’m not looking for jobs anymore i’m still faced with decisions about you know what to do what what’s next in my my life in my career and and i always come back to a few questions and one of them is it’s one of my favorite questions which one which you know job or thing or career you know whatever it is which one will help me grow the most which one will help me grow the most so ask yourself that question when you’re looking at different career choices or different jobs or what kind of jobs you should be looking for ask yourself which one of these will help me grow the most which one will challenge me the most because

i mean i mean the whole point of living being alive is to grow i mean if we’re not growing you know we’re dying so i want to grow i want to grow every day i want to be better than what than who i was yesterday and and i know you you’re the same way um and i know that because you’re here and you’re watching me today and you’re trying to make yourself better you’re faced with these decisions that you just don’t have answers to and no one has told you how to how to answer these questions for yourself

so ask yourself you know which of these positions is going to challenge me the most i mean if you’re looking at some jobs where maybe there’s there’s not a lot of ceiling there’s nowhere to go there’s just a lot of lateral different moves and then maybe some other positions maybe those are a little bit scarier because you know they they can go deeper and maybe there’s some uncertainty with those and you know maybe maybe those are going to push you outside of your comfort zone and as being humans we often don’t like to be pushed outside of our comfort zone because there’s uncertainty there we don’t know what to expect so we gravitate towards something that we’re more comfortable with that we can understand and that we can see and we can see it all the way through and it feels good to us in the moment and a lot of times people make those decisions and they may not be the best choice for them

i i don’t know i mean some people some people don’t want to be challenged every day some people would rather just you know be on easy street here and because not that they don’t want to be challenged but maybe they have other challenges in their life right now and so having a career that’s also constantly challenging them isn’t good for them at this time but i’m assuming that everything in your life right now is good and that you’re looking for a career choice that is going to challenge you that’s going to take you to the next level

i just don’t think that you’ve you thought to ask yourself those questions so you know which one will help me grow today which one will challenge me the most which one will make me better than i am today those are the questions that you need to ask yourself and there’s even another question which one of these things will serve the greater good and here’s what i mean by that let’s say you’re faced with a job let’s say you have two job offers and one of them is from company a and let’s just say they make boxes and they make envelopes for amazon and let’s say this is an accounting position

so you get an accounting job and a company that makes boxes and envelopes and you know let’s say the pay is good let’s say the pay is sixty thousand dollars and then you have an offer from company b and let’s say it’s in the accounting department as well doing the same kinds of things but let’s say company b makes medical devices that improves the lives of millions of people and those medical devices could be anything they could be heart monitors they could be insulin injectors you know whatever but let’s just say they they make medical devices that improves the lives of people

so that they can live more comfortably so which one serves the greater good you have company a that makes boxes and you have company b that makes medical devices that makes life better for people obviously company b is the one that serves the greater good so that’s just another question that you can ask yourself you don’t have to use it but it’s just it’s another one to throw into the framework of questions to ask yourself that will help guide you so if you’re not sure which one to take maybe you just maybe you pick the company maybe you pick the career choice you know the one that serves the greater good that serves the world in a better way instead

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