Today Job In Bhavnagar | How to Choose a Career Path and a Job | Part-1

How to Choose a Career Path and a Job

How to Choose a Career Path and a Job

hey everybody here with job interview tools and today i want to teach you how to decide what’s the best career choice for you or what kind of jobs should you be looking for or even better if you have multiple job offers how to decide which one to take so the reason i want to do this is because every single day somebody emails their resume to me and they say don will you please take a look at my resume and tell me what you think

i should be doing or i’ll just simply get emails from people saying don you know what kind of jobs should i be looking for or don i got two job offers which one should i take and i’ll tell you my response in every one of those situations is very brief i simply say i don’t speculate on what i think you should be doing and neither should you listen to the advice of anyone else who tells you what they think you should be doing

that is the decision that you need to make for yourself but the problem is sometimes people just don’t know how to make that decision so in this article i want to walk you through a simple framework that is going to help you with that decision making and give you a process that will walk you through a few questions that will help you decide what is probably best for you so before we get started if you like this article you like what we’re doing here and you want to get notifications every time i release a new article please hit that subscribe button and if you find this article to actually be helpful to you please give it a thumbs up i’d appreciate it

so let’s dive right in being faced with a career choice of you know what to do i mean it’s such a big decision because it’s going to affect you for the rest of your life when you make this decision you’re kind of deciding this is what i plan to do for the rest of my life and that you that decision can be so difficult for people because they don’t know what to do maybe they have too many options and they ask for help because they don’t know how to make the decision

i don’t think they’re actually looking for someone to tell them what they should be doing though there’s a lot of people out there that just love to tell you what they think you should be doing i’ve heard it my whole life don you’re really good at this you should be doing that don you should do this don you should do that and i’m sure you’re no different on people there’s

i’m sure there are people in your life friends and family that are just throwing all kinds of advice at you about you know what you should do what you should be doing maybe you should start that business maybe you should go to medical school maybe you should be a lawyer maybe you should be a doctor maybe you should be a computer programmer it just goes on and on and on and on and you’re like wow you know that’s that’s a lot of stuff there it’s a lot of information how do i process

that and the thing is you can’t i i think the worst thing you can do is ask for the advice of someone else or even take one of those tests that tell you what you know it thinks you should be doing well you know you scored you know 65 and all these different areas you know you should be a computer programmer and you’re like i barely know what computer programming is well if the test says that’s

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