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Can you show us some real world evidence of big companies investing in it? Okay. So two things right that I would like to show. So first and foremost that companies like Microsoft and Facebook are building Metaverses Facebook, unfortunately has failed in its crypto game Libra project. Therefore, it has moved to a physical, more palpable type of a meta was taking a completely different narrative, so probably it might be there. Secondly, point, you need to take a look at the marketplace. So this is And here you can start trading all these different NFTS. Right. So these are newest items so you can buy it right here.

How to invest in Metaverse?

You just need to connect your wallet and you can start buying all these different stuff. How to do it if you want to know, I will create a separate video on this second. This is what is super interesting, right? These are parcels of land that you can buy and a lot of big companies, for example, Coin Market Cap is a real world company that is buying land in Metaverses similarly, Binance is buying land on metaverses. You have other big big companies that are jumping in and are buying land on all these Metaverses because they understand the functionality of it. They understand that a lot of users are getting attracted to it. There is real world utility of these things. You would say, how real world utility?

Okay. Go back to the Philippines example that I was telling you one is that, hey, go play like some football video game. You’re wasting your time. You’re not making any money and your mom will be after your life that he goes and study. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to build your career or hay daughter don’t waste your time playing all this video game stuff. It’s just not worth it, right? It’s a waste of time. You’ll never be able to build career. Option two, go and play Axie Infinity. You make real world money. You put food on the table for you to your mom that hey, let me play this video game. I’ll end up making $100 from it. So this is actually becoming a career for people because there is a way that by participating in these Metaverses, you can unlock NFTs and trade it here. Right? Trade it here, sell and make real money. Trade in these assets. And this becomes like a major part of the economy going forward. So from that perspective,

Metaverse is here to stay. It’s not going anywhere in what form shape it exists that remains to be seen and which will be the market leader that remains to be seen. Okay, so in that context, let me talk about my investment in one of the companies. The company’s name is Zionverse it’s a Metaverse It’s an India Focus Metaverse. So essentially what they do is that they create different series of games and there is an NFT that they have recently launched. It’s called a Laxshmi NF T. I’ll put the links in the description box. Also, you can check it out. It’s a fascinating company. I will invite the founder also on my channel someday to discuss more about the NFT economy. Let me know if you want me to do that super fascinating space. They are creating an India focused Metaverse. Now the Indian narrative stays behind when it comes to technology. There has been like a lot of problems in terms of propagating technology from India. From that perspective.

So Zionverse has been able to create an India Focus Metaverse. Now you would say this is like a replicate or something like Axie Infinity or Decentraland, etc. And no, it’s an Indianised version. Yes, it propagates Indian mythology, India’s philosophy and brings out a lot of interesting learning elements to it as well. There is opportunity to make money in this Metaverse. Also, I will release a separate article on this entire company altogether so that you understand how Indians are also picking up their NFC game. You are not getting left behind in this creator economy. So you learn more about that. We have recently launched something called Laxshmi NFT which allows you to do fixed deposit on your NFT and make returns out of it. So again, a very fascinating concept which embodies finance gamification and blockchain technology to make money. This is defining the next leg of technology.

I would appreciate all of your support because there are very few Indian companies that are doing it at this scale right now. So this is where I’ll start summarizing the article. Number one, I hope you understand the concept of what Metaverse is. Number two. There are specific investment opportunities in Metaverse. I am very bullish about this space. Number three, if you are a retail investor, you can go with more palatable Metaverse like Facebook or Meta, or you can invest in a crypto focus Metaverse or you can invest in an India Focus Metaverse also, but definitely do learn about this space. This is an evolving space. You as an investor will find great potential in this because the idea is nascent. It will continue to evolve with time with people’s feedback around and it will retain scale over time.

But this is definitely a narrative that you should invest more time learning about. Let me know if you have more questions. I’ll be happy to do a part two of this video. This was an introduction path. I’ll do a slightly more advanced part about Metaverses and NFTs. Let me know in the comments section. If there is enough traction, enough comments and enough likes for this article, I will definitely make part two of this article. Thank you so much and I will see you the next time..


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