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do you believe that the only way to remember all that information in your books is by reading it over and over again for hours what if i told you that there are five easy peasy hacks that will not only make it easy for you to remember but also make it fun so let’s get going

hey everyone this is Gujju and you’re reading JobInBhavnagar

data vomit

number one memory hack which is data vomit have you ever felt like throwing up this is the body’s way of saying i’ve had too much i’m pushing it out not able to digest so much similarly information is food for our brain and our short-term memory is like the stomach so when we are stressed before exams we kind of think that we need to over feed the brain and we study three to four hours continuously and end up sitting at our desk from morning to night consequently the short-term memory box overflows the mind has no option but to throw out everything because there is no time to digest all that information and send it to the long-term memory box but when we stay a certain amount of time with a small portion of the information by thinking about it sleeping over it and pondering over it slowly it enters our long-term memory and stays for longer albert einstein once said it’s not that i’m so smart it’s just that i stay with the problems longer so study in small chunks throughout the year and take time to digest the information before taking in more avoid last-minute cramming

secret language

moving on to technique number two which is secret language our brain has evolved to preserve what it perceives as highly important and secret and confidential things are considered highly important to us like you will never forget where you hit that complaint letter that your teacher sent to your parents didn’t you now let’s use this to our benefit example how about we use some strange mnemonics like bmw for the three parliamentary sessions of india budget monsoon and winter now share this coded language with two or three of your close friends remember you can’t share their meanings with too many other people except one or two friends your brain will automatically preserve it for having a secret conversation with your friends for example this year bmw will not be held at its usual time due to covet try some secret coded mnemonics and share them with us in the comment section below and shh i promise i won’t tell anyone okay and before we move on to

infinite fiction

technique number three is infinite fiction have you ever noticed that when you meet new people you may forget the place or the occasion of the meeting but somehow you remember how they made you feel this is because our body remembers feelings better than facts this is the reason we remember the details of a crime fiction netflix show better than a random paragraph on our chapter so take some great moments of your life like winning an award maybe the best trip of your life or the best presentation of your life anything full of emotions and try to embed your new learnings into those memories let’s take an example you learned a regular history fact that barber entered india in the year 1524 now let’s add some emotions to this boring fact by integrating it into a school trip memory you had last year now you are having this fun conversation with your friends on a bus while climbing up the hills imagine in the middle of the conversation you said it’s better that barber entered india in 1524. if he had visited a few years ago i bet we would be buying barber products instead of dabber products and everybody laughed about it similarly if you learned a new concept explain it imagining your class presentation day and how everybody applauded to it this way you could always add emotions to your boring concepts and remember them better

clearing sticky memory

the fourth technique is clearing sticky memory research has shown that our capacity to learn decreases as we grow up not because we can’t absorb well but because we cannot store well this tells us how important it is to forget as well but what to forget anything which is affecting proper storage of new memory most of the time this something is unintentionally created for example in a certain mathematics class you ask a very sort of idiotic question to your teacher they made fun of you in front of the entire class and you felt humiliated now researchers in boston college say that negative emotions like fear sadness shame etc trigger increased activity in the part of the brain linked to memories these emotionally charged memories are preserved in greater detail than happy or neutral memories to protect you against future negative events now this humiliation has become a sticky memory in your mind unintentionally whenever you open that math chapter you find it difficult to deal with the concepts and formulae you don’t lack the capacity to learn but this previous emotional memory affects the storage of new memory refreshing perception how about instead of thinking of that previous experience in math as humiliation how about you consider yourself to be brave to ask any question that’s confusing this will automatically fade away the negative event and create a new impression of positivity whenever you find that you have to put a huge effort in retaining data into your memory try changing your perception towards it like why am i unable to learn this let’s forget everything and start afresh or why do i hate this so much it’s a lovely subject

perfectly meaningless

that’s why it’s wisely said about perception life is not what is thrown at us but what we make out of it and before we move on to our last technique  and now for our fifth technique perfectly meaningless this is my favorite have you ever wondered how you managed to perfectly hem the music you heard a few years ago with perfect lyrics that you don’t even understand this is because it feels perfect without making sense to our brain our brain tries to make sense of everything with the help of huge historical memory for example to understand even a single sentence of english we need this huge memory of alphabets grammar etc and it becomes complicated for our brain to store it meaningfully but with music and art it just feels perfect without the brain trying to decode it and hence it gets easily stored so when we attach our study topics to our favorite music poem or some weird or unique art our brain will easily store it in the long term memory for example here’s a poem for reminding you about english grammar nouns name a person place or thing like mary and monkey river and ring in place of nouns the pronoun sits like he she i you they and it the adjective describes a thing like magic wand and platinum ring the verb means action something done to read and write to jump and run

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