Today Job In Bhavnagar For Top3,Mahindra Motors,

, job vacancy in bhavnagar

job in Mahindra Siddhivinayak Motors Bhavnagar

Sales executive : Vacancy 10

Experienced of Tally account software : Vacancy 02

DMS operator Vacancy 02

Service advisor : Vacancy 02

body shop repairing : Vacancy 04

Body Shop helper : Vacancy 02

washing staff : Vacancy 04

female required : for packing and other casual work in pharmaceutical factory, Prince Care Pharma Bhavnagar GIDC

account manager required for office at Bhavnagar

Enthusiastic and result oriented candidates are to be recruited in all the talukas and districts of Gujarat on a permanent basis. Total space 105 males / Female area Salary for all districts and talukas of Gujarat

Top3 Multiplex Bhavnagar vecancy male and female

The hospital needs a floor manager and receptionist staff In Bhavnagar

be now for me um you know i’d probably just gravitate towards superman and then they might ask why and i’d say well you know because he’s always saving people but the question itself i don’t think has any bearing on anything i think they’re just asking this question to find out you know who you like who you admire and maybe you know who you aspire to be and then maybe that fits into the role somehow i don’t know i don’t see it i think it’s a pointless question it’s not predictive of whether you’re going to be successful in the role or not so the interviewer might have some odd reason for asking it maybe they read it in a book or something but i don’t see any significance to this answer or why they’re asking it they probably don’t know why they’re asking it either because i think that’s a foolish question to ask somebody in a job interview anyways you know maybe if we’re sitting down you know in a bar or something and after a couple of beers we might ask that question but not in a job interview so let’s move on to the next one here is what would i do in a zombie apocalypse now if i were asked that question i would probably say well there isn’t going to be a zombie apocalypse that’s totally fictional but the possibility of an apocalypse you know now that’s real that could happen one day so let me tell you what i would do in that situation and what and by doing that you’re essentially reframing the question and reshaping it into you know a real life question now what the uh what the significance is of this i don’t really know but i think a fair answer could be along the lines of showing them that you take precautions and planning so if we actually had an apocalypse the first thing i would probably do is try to get my family together then i would probably find some a safe house or some safe coverage where we can go and be protected and then the next thing i would do is i would look for food and water and then figure things out but i wouldn’t really know what i’m going to do in that situation until i’m placed in it and i would essentially rely on my survival instincts to kick in and guide me and tell me what to do but by giving them a structured answer like that it shows them that you have the ability to think through complex problems that you haven’t been presented yet so it kind of shows um whether you’re capable of thinking about you know what you would do in a situation that you know has yet to happen again does this have any significance on whether you’re going to get the job or not i don’t think so and i don’t know why they would ask this question but you know maybe maybe they found a way that they can psychoanalyze your answer and it’s going to tell them whether you’re going to be successful in the role or not i don’t know silly question but that’s how i would answer it now next one i have here um now these are actually from zappos um tony shea of zappos used to ask these questions in the interviews and one of them was how weird are you on a scale of one to ten and then he goes on to explain you know the types of answers that he’s looking for so he doesn’t want people who are like really super weird you know like they’re a 10 because you know they probably won’t fit into the culture but then if they’re just a one meaning they’re not really weird at all they’re probably not going to fit in with his culture either because you know at this time this is when he’s growing zappos so he’s looking for people who were maybe you know fours fives and sixes somewhere right in the middle of the road and it’s more of a it’s a culture question so he’s trying to find out whether people he thinks they’re going to be able to fit into the zappos culture because it’s a very unique culture there’s really nothing like it he created a fantastic culture at zappos so the next question tony would ask is on a scale of one to ten how lucky are you and he said you know some people will just come right off with you know eight nine or ten i am lucky and he’s like those are the kinds of people that we want and but if you were to pick you know a three four or five you know he’s not going to you know throw out your application or anything but he did say that if you set a one he’s like that just seems too much like taboo and we probably wouldn’t hire you alone just for that because you know we don’t want anything bad to happen to us and if you’re on you really feel you’re unlucky and you’re working here bad things might happen so that’s tony’s take on weird questions and then i have just a couple more that have popped up from time to time one of them is why are manhole covers round you may have heard that one before these are like these brain teaser questions another one is how many bird

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