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hey everybody JobInBhavnagar here with job interview tools today i want to talk to you about weird interview questions and the reason this topic even came up is because i had a subscriber leave a comment on one of my other article and he’s like hey don interviewers ask me all these weird kind of questions and i wonder if you could help me understand you know what they’re trying to get i mean are they trying to psychoanalyze my answer you know what do they mean and so some of the questions that they’re asking him are you know what was my favorite movie or you know

what movie scared me as a kid what fictional character would i be if there was a zombie apocalypse you know what would you do so he says he gets hit with all these weird kinds of questions and he’s like you know what do they mean you know why are they asking me those i can’t understand the significance and i really don’t know how to answer them so what i’m going to do in this article is i’m going to walk through each one of those questions i’m going to break them down and let you know why i think the interviewer is asking them and then how you can respond to those to give an answer that you know will probably satisfy your interviewer

so let’s look at the first one here uh first one is you know what is my favorite movie now the reason that they’re asking you your favorite movie could just be a simple ice breaker because when you go into an interview i mean your nerves are like up to here and you’re so tense and you’re waiting them for we’re waiting for them to ask you you know you know why should we hire you or tell me about yourself or what are your weaknesses so in this kind of question here what is your favorite movie what i think they’re trying to do is help you out i think they’re trying to diffuse the situation and essentially break your pattern so if you’re thinking and you’re waiting for them to ask you you know you know why should we hire you or you know what are your greatest strengths they’re coming in through a different they’re coming in through a side door essentially and they’re saying

hey you know what’s your favorite movie and what that does is that just totally diffuses you and it lets you just forgot about all the questions that you think they’re going to ask you and it kind of just gives you a chance to answer something that’s easy they’re kind of just essentially throwing a grapefruit there to you to let you knock that one out of the park so it relaxes you because you see interviewers want you to be relaxed while they’re talking to you because if you’re not relaxed you’re going to give answers that maybe aren’t totally representative of who you are and maybe you’ll give some answers you know that kind of make you look bad so they want to they want to put you in an environment that you’re comfortable in and they want to ask you questions you know that you can answer they don’t really want to trip you up or stump you because they know

that’s going to make you nervous and then you’re just going to do a bad job but you know deep down you might be the ideal candidate so i think that’s all that one really is is you know what’s your favorite movie you know just tell them you know what your favorite movie is it could be anything could be superman go on with the wind could be terminator whatever it is pick a good movie i probably wouldn’t pick something you know maybe you know horror related or something like

that but anyway give him a nice movie that you’re comfortable watching and that you enjoy all right so the next question he asks is you know what movie scared me as a kid and what i think they’re doing by asking that question is to get you to go back in your mind to your childhood you may not know you know what the movie is but it’ll get you positioned to go back to your childhood and here’s why interviewers know that your

early childhood i mean those are your formative years so they want to understand you know you know how you became who you are today so by asking you you know what movie scared you as a kid what it’s going to do is force you to go back to your childhood and what i think they’re doing is priming you to answer more questions about your childhood and you know what formed you to make you who you are today so the question itself i don’t think has any real significance what movie scared you as a kid but in your mind it’s making you think and it’s taking you back to your childhood and then once you’re there you’ll be primed and prepared to you know possibly answer other questions about your early developmental years that’s just my take on it um so let’s go to the next one here what fictional character would you

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