Happy New Year Job In Bhavnagar | Best Interview Closing Tips

Happy New Year Job In Bhavnagar

Happy New Year Job In Bhavnagar | Best Interview Closing Statement Examples to Win the Job | Part 3

i felt comfortable asking for the job now you might be thinking don that is just absolute ridiculous i’ve asked for the job before i didn’t get it or that’s not going to work and you know what it’s not going to work every single time even if you are in rapport i’ve known many candidates before who’ve gone through the whole process who were you know just tops just total tops they were a top top two pick easily and yeah they didn’t get a job 

it just didn’t happen they just you know things at the last minute just didn’t click and if you tried it it might not work if you tried it two times it might not work but i’ll tell you this let me give you this challenge go out before you come back and say don that’s bs that doesn’t work go out try 10 times go on 10 interviews 10 different companies and that are real interviews you know not just you know you’re just showing up and you’re just kind of wishy-washy you’re not really qualified for the job you know go to go on 10 interviews 

where you’re really qualified for the job and then ask for it i’m willing to bet that if you did that on ten different job interviews you would get the job at least three to four times out of ten three to four out of ten that that’s a 30 to 40 success rate that is huge now some of you folks you know in other parts of the world you might be thinking oh you know you guys are crazy over there in america you guys are so bold you’re so brash you’re just out there in the face asking you know for the job that’s ridiculous 

that would never work over here were way too polite we would never do that well have you tried have you tried i mean there’s a way to do this so that it doesn’t seem pushy and like i said though you have to be in rapport with your interviewer that means you guys are building a little relationship along the way and when you get to the end let’s say let’s say you’re in great britain and you folks over there across the pond are very polite and you would never ask for the job give it a try just when you get to the interview and you’re totally in rapport with that interviewer and you’re like you know hey um i 

i really think that i could be of great value to you here and and i really like the kinds of things that you’re doing you know would you would you be interested in taking the next step you know can i have the job give that a try and what’s going to happen what’s the worst that’s going to happen they might say no they might say i don’t know they might say yes so right there you got a 30 chance so the magic words are can i have the job but like i said you don’t want to just ask can i have the job you want to build up to that level and you want to start off with a closing statement that’s 

really the best way to work those words into your interview is in a closing statement and that’s where you kind of summarize everything that happened in the interview you talk about well you know i really like the kinds of things that you’re doing i’m very interested in this project i’m really interested in the kinds of things i’m really impressed these be impressed with them really impressed 

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