Urgentl job in bhavnagar | best Interview Closing Statement

Urgent job in bhavnagar

Today Job In Bhavnagar 31/12/2021

best Interview Closing Statement Examples to Win the Job part 1

hey everybody here with job interview tools i recently learned something new about interviewing for jobs apparently there are these five magic words that you can say at the end of a job interview and it will compel your interviewer to offer you the job on the spot it’s a very powerful technique and in this article i’m gonna tell you what those five words are how i discovered them and more importantly how you can apply them to your interviews to get that result to get interviewers to offer you the job so before we dive right into that if you like my channel you like the kinds of things i’m doing here and you want to get notified every time i release a new article please our newsletter

this article if you find it helpful please give it a thumbs up i would appreciate it so back to those five words a couple of weeks ago i was having a cup of coffee at starbucks with the ceo of a very high-end executive search placement firm they’re actually ranked one of inc magazine’s fastest growing companies so me and robert are sitting down and we’re having a cup of coffee at starbucks and we’re just swapping stories about interviewing and hiring and stuff like that and then

he leans into me and he goes don there’s just one thing i wish job candidates would do at the end of an interview and my clients wish they would do it too and if they did it would just give them the job he says all they got to do is ask for the job and i’m like really that’s it just five words can i have the job he’s like yeah he says but nobody does it people are afraid to do it they think it’s too pushy but from our end we want to know if they really want the job and this

helps us understand if they really want it all they got to do is ask for it my clients wish they would do it i wish they would do it but hardly anybody does it and i’m like wow this is amazing because i’ve actually done that before in job interviews when i used to interview but i didn’t really even realize it was a technique i just felt like in the moment that it was right to ask for the job and so i did and i usually got it when i did but

i want to share this with you as a technique a strategy that you can use at the end of your interview so that you know maybe that’ll give you the uh the employer that nudge that they need to offer you the job now you might be thinking don how does the ceo of one of the fastest growing companies have time to meet with you well i’ll tell you their offices are in cleveland ohio and i’m in cleveland ohio

so i kind of just reached out to them when i noticed that they were one of the fastest growing companies in america and asked to just meet with them and so we had a little chat so the bigger question is how can you apply this how can you apply those five words in your job interviews

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