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Best Interview Closing Statement Examples to Win the Job part 2

now i’ll tell you you can’t just walk into a job interview and say can i have the job because that doesn’t work i mean maybe for some jobs today right now because of the way the market is but you know for the most part you can’t just walk in and say can i have the job that doesn’t work you have to be in rapport with your interviewer that means you have to have worked your way through the conversation you have to have shown them that if they hired you you could offer them real value and like
i said you have to be in rapport with your interviewer all throughout the interview that means when you get to the end when you get to the end of the interview both of you are kind of feeling like you know there’s there’s a match there’s a potential match there and just to use a dating reference because i love making dating references
with job interviewing because the parallels are just so spot on i mean think about a time when you went out on a date with someone and you started off you know you picked the person up maybe you went out to dinner maybe you went out to a movie maybe you went for a walk on the beach you kind of build rapport all throughout the evening maybe you reach out and you hold their hand uh maybe you smile at them and then you know after a whole evening of building rapport at the end you know maybe you go in for a kiss and and maybe you get it and maybe you don’t but you’re not gonna go in for that kiss unless you’re in rapport with that other person i mean if you guys just had
if you guys just butted heads all night long or there was just a lot of friction a lot of uneasiness then you’re not going to go in for the kiss you’re not going to go in for the hand holding a job interview is the same way the kiss is asking for the job can i have the job those five simple words but like i said you gotta build up to it and to build up to it you have to show them that you’re really interested in what they’re doing you’re interested in the job you’re interested in the opportunity you’re interested not maybe just in the job but in the company as a whole maybe you’re interested in the kinds of things that
they are doing as a company and you show them that you want to be a part of that you show them that you’re like-minded you show them that you fit in with their culture you feel you show them that you’re one of them and when you can build this up all the way now it might not happen might not happen on the first interview i mean it’s happened to me on the first interview um way back when
i’m one of the first jobs i ever interviewed for um after two hours of interviewing you know bam it just clicked it’s like we just felt like you know we were right for each other and you know i went on and i worked there for a few years other jobs it’s taken me maybe two or three or even four interviews before we could reach that level where we felt comfortable you know taking that step we felt comfortable

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