Topper Student Timetable Part-2

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Topper Student Timetable | Best Time Table For Studies Before an Exam

5 to 5 30 you can have a cup of milk or tea take a small snack bite and check your social media again

5:30 to 6:30 is the time to exercise and catch up with your friends even better do both of them together take a walk as you talk or cycle as you share the day’s happenings at

6:30 come back home again it’s this hour to analyze previous year’s question papers mark the questions that are repeated and the keywords remember 70% of the marks come from 30 to 40 of the syllabus and put these topics on your to-do list for tomorrow and if you’re going for tuition then utilize this hour for your tuition at

7:30 have your dinner remember to eat green vegetables protein salads and pulses now from

8 to 9 we have the last study session come on push just a little bit here take up stuff that needs memorization when you learn important material just before going to bed the subconscious mind works on it and you remember it better in the long term you can also complete journals if the practical dates are closed

finally it’s time to wind up pack up your bag for tomorrow you can also listen to podcasts and music while doing this stay away from social media before you go to sleep because that blue light on the cell phone will harm your sleep cycle

10 pm bedtime good night now follow this time table for the week and you will find a big impact and let me know how this works for you in the comment section below

timetable for the weekends

now before we talk about the timetable for the weekends i will drop links for two article  one for a daily morning routine and one for those who prefer to study at night now

let’s talk about the weekend on weekends we’ve planned a slightly different schedule you can wake up at 7 00 am or maybe even at 8am on sundays this timetable is for a 7 am wake up but if you can just push it forward by an hour if you decide to wake up at eight or even at nine push it by two hours forward

7:30 to 8:30 a.m is your first study session go for again a theoretical subject or a numerical based subject based on your personal learning style after this shower have a hearty and healthy breakfast something like dahlia and milk will keep you full for the next two hours because from

9 to 11 is paper solving time pick a different subject every weekend once the exams are closer you can start solving papers on mondays and wednesdays in addition to the weekends now while solving the paper keep your phone away or maybe in another room pretend that you’re in an exam hall maintain the discipline of sitting for two hours flat now if you solve the paper with all seriousness you won’t even feel nervous on the day of the actual exam from

11 to 11:30 take a break hydrate and have a healthy snack like a fruit stretch your legs because you’ve been sitting continuously for so long this is the time where you can check your phone and maybe reply to some messages as you walk around the house the next hour is devoted to checking your paper compare your answers with the answer key remember to be fair to yourself because this is going to help you in the long run it’s okay to make mistakes now because then you won’t repeat them in the actual exam to make this process even better how about you have a study buddy so who’s your study buddy

let’s say you and a friend decide to solve the same paper from 9 to 11. when it’s time to check you can discuss the answers together maybe you got some right maybe she got some right but you can help each other understand what was expected and where you went wrong remember the answers that we’ve discussed with somebody are always going to stay with us for long tell me which one do you prefer studying alone or studying with a buddy now

12:30 to 2:30 pm keep everything aside it’s lunch time have a good lunch with a balance of green vegetables some curd and some dal and then take a break check your phone if you want to you can also take a nap for 20 minutes short mid day naps increase the alpha waves in the brain which are super good for productivity afternoon is slightly tough for me so i’ve kept the next hour light at this time you want to complete your journals you want to look through maps and diagrams but if you feel more focused in the journals you want to look through maps and diagrams but if you feel more focused in the afternoon then feel free to use this one as the paper solving session as well

from 3:30 to 4 take a break you may want to spend time with your pet or your family and you’re ready for the next session from

4 to 6 we have a major study session coming up again i’ve divided it into two parts 50 minute study 10 minute break in between and if you also consider it as two small sessions you will be able to cover it with ease choose theory or numerical studies based on your preference

6 to 7 pm is the time to step out of the house take a walk jog or just breathe in the fresh air as you chat with your friends speak about something lighthearted so your mind will be fresh and all the tension will vanish seven to eight is your third study session revise memory based subjects at eight have dinner and for the last half an hour just go through formulae that you need to memorize at this time they will be cemented through your subconscious mind from

9 to 10 pm take some time for yourself sit back listen to your favorite podcast or some calming music plan for the next week as you do this go to bed by

10 or 10 30 p.m if it’s saturday night with this we come to the end of your timetable and i wish you all the best study well take care and happy learning and see you next friday

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